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Great Writers- free class (click here)

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend me your ears

  • 1 hour

Service Description

This free session is a screening with Dr. Alexander to assess and discuss an applicant's background enrolling in a formal course on a work(s) by a great writer.. Topics in the screening will include selection of works and the number of sessions needed for its study. For example, several sessions could be devoted to a Faulkner novel, a Shakespeare play, or several stories by a writer. From this information the student will then be better prepared to enroll in the formal study devoted to a great writer of their choosing. The course requires a tuition fee of $77 for each hourly lecture/ discussion conducted by Dr. Alexander. The preliminary process entails email exchanges and a possible teleconference to discuss a potential student's background and goals before enrolling in the detailed study of a great writer.

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