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"A Georgian cannot of course be against Coca Cola. We feed it to our babies, serve it to our guests, console the dying with it and expect it to make us loved throughout the world."

 - Flannery O'Connor, Good Things Out of Nazareth

A Literary Treasure from Award-Winning Author Flannery O'Connor


Edited by Benjamin B. Alexander

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“For O’Connor devotees, the new collection is essential … The new collection’s editor, Benjamin B. Alexander …pulls a vast array of references, allusions, and personalities into conversation, and his ability to keep them all talking to each other is impressive. … Good Things Out of Nazareth provides a different kind of pleasure. … I open it at random to hear a familiar voice … I consider my psyche set straight and my spine stiffened.”  


—  Valerie Sayers, Commonweal Oct 28th 2019



Benjamin B. Alexander was born in Wilmington Delaware and grew up on a family peach farm in Ridge Spring, South Carolina.  He attended public schools in North Carolina, graduated from the University of the South (Sewanee), and later earned an interdisciplinary doctorate in literature and political theory. A dynamic classroom teacher with over 40 years of experience, he was tenured on two different college faculties and has also served as a consultant to three government agencies in Washington. Dr. Alexander has lectured widely on American, medieval, and African-American literature, as well as political theory and public policy. He currently is crafting a critical study of Pulitzer prize-winning playwright, August Wilson, and Shakespeare, as well as reviewing the unpublished essays of Walker Percy and Ralph Ellison for possible publication.